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G    R    I    L    L       H   O   U   S   E       S   E   R   V   I   N   G       A        L   A       C   A   R   T   E       &       P   R   I   X        F   I   X   E       B   U   F   F   E   T

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It is said, there is no better flavour than the flavour of an honest intent. Which is why, lovingly prepared home food, rates head and shoulders above a gourmet spread.

Good food, also, doesn't have to be complex food.

At Grillopolis, by choosing the oldest cooking method of grilling, we have chosen to go with simple, honest flavours.

A simplicity, which is achieved by using fresh ingredients, simple recipes and an unabashed intent to please our patrons. Check out our fare and partake in the complex pursuit of simple appreciation.

Fresh Ingredients
Simple Recipes
Pure Flavours
Honest intentions