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G    R    I    L    L       H   O   U   S   E       S   E   R   V   I   N   G       A        L   A       C   A   R   T   E       &       P   R   I   X        F   I   X   E       B   U   F   F   E   T

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Happy birthday, Tia


as you'd like it

to be !

We believe, music is an integral element of celebrations.

We also believe, music is intensely personal.

How often have we all felt the discomfort of a jockey,

totally out of sync with the mood of the moment?

Precisely the reason, why we decided to take music to you. You get an iPad with our entire music library and the choice to cue your own selections.

Our music bank consists ONLY of live concert videos.

And our twin video walls and high tech audio installation transports you to the illusion of being at the concert.

Our iPads permit you to dedicate tracks and write messages too.

Taking the musical involvement to an altogether different level.