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G    R    I    L    L       H   O   U   S   E       S   E   R   V   I   N   G       A        L   A       C   A   R   T   E       &       P   R   I   X        F   I   X   E       B   U   F   F   E   T

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Inclusive of all taxes

Per Chair: 880/-

Laid and served under a giant olive tree, The Zaytoon.

Every day for lunch and dinner,
Grillopolis lays down an honest man's buffet.

We believe a patron dining out is entitled to the finest luxury

we could accord them. And there can be no better treat

than to be fed to your heart's content without having to ask.

Our prix fixe service, therefore, begins with soups and breads on the table.

Followed by 10 starters. Five vegetarian and five non vegetarian.

We encourage you to signal the ones that suit your palate the best.

These are served without limitations of portions or prices.

Once the starters are done, we open the buffet for you.

With over 56 dishes gracing the buffet station there is ample choice

of salads, mains, accompaniments and desserts.

Here again, you have the discretion of delving in both

vegetarian and non vegetarian fare.

Bon appetit.